Why Do I Do it?

I got to read an article in Cool People Care about this woman,Ashley Logsdon who talks about an organization that is "teaching women in Rwanda the importance or work, which is creating a better life for everyone involved". These women make necklaces out of beads under KEZA for their business, and they don't just make them to get paid. They're informed about the reasons why they make them, who wears the necklaces (U.S ad UK), where the profits go and how they're even helping their family and even community through their necklaces. So now they don't just put bead after bead for the sake of selling them, they know they purpose and they have thrive.They look at their lives with significance.

It really makes you want to stop and think about your own life. Why do you wake up early in the morning for work everyday? Have you addressed the significance of what 'doing? Of your organization?

I was just chatting with DJ Pat and he told me that he changed his mind about selling his next album. He wanted it to be free and downloadable instead. Of course I had to ask what made him think that, and he said," I feel that sending out the message in the songs that I've written is more important than the money I could possibly get from selling albums". Ahhh it's so good to know he had a purpose for his album!

It's just a very good point to reflect on. We should look at our lives with significance.

So ask yourself this, "Why do I do it?"

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