Hello Employer

I can't wait to work. I've been so restless and I really need the busy feeling to distract myself from certain things and a certain person. I'm just waiting for one more interview.

For now, I've got some temp jobs to fill my week, my friend has this photography company and they'll be covering this university's graduation, so I'll be helping out with getting the students to purchase photo packages during the rehearsals and graduation itself.

Talking with my cousin who just arrived from New York this morning made me want to work abroad. I just feel like there's so much more I can do and there are so many opportunities out there. I want to be surrounded by different people with different cultural backgrounds. Just thinking about it excites me! I know its not gonna happen right now, but a girl can dream..right?


  1. It is difficult to find a new job these days cause of worsening economy.

  2. True, its hard to find a job especially during a time when more and more people are losing them

  3. Amen to all of the above. I am blogging, trying to sell mortgages and looking for another job, additional job, whatever I can find. If I didn't have a zoo at my house, I would be checking out teaching English in Korea