Hello Sunshine

I just recently enjoyed waking up in the morning, with my new schedule and all. I never thought it would feel so refreshing. Your head's clear, you feel energized and ready to conquer work! Given of course that you've had enough sleep. Which for me, would be 10pm-6am. Ha! I know, I feel like a kid again, sleeping so early. But it really does make you feel better, healthier, lighter.

I used to have a night job-more of an early morning job when I did radio, 12am-3am, and I get to sleep at around 6am. It felt awful, I missed the sun, I only experienced 3 hours of sunlight coz I'd get up at 2pm. Awful.

What I love about waking up in the morning:
The cool breeze entering my window, the smell of morning dew, everything's so quiet (except for the birds tweeting, looking for food) and my favorite : going down to the kitchen with the aroma of coffee greeting me.
Advanced Good Morning! :)

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