A Calling?

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I'm blogging from the office since my boss is at some "meeting" and her boss is touring the U.S. with his family. Which means there's absolutely nothing to do as of the moment since I just finished doing the write-up for our collection.

Tonight, we will be partying with college kids. Our brand's sponsoring the fashion show, and I'm there to "help" with the models... because they are GORGEOUS. ha! What? Can't a single lady work and play at the same time?

Since I started working here, I've been exposed to fashion a lot. Here I learned more about the stylists, designers and editors in the Philippine fashion industry and I have to say, I've been bitten. I found myself visiting LookBook, reading Fashion Toast and browsing through magazines more than often. For a person who doesn't know anything about fashion but has been complimented a lot for having an eclectic style and a so-called fashion sense, it feels like a big door has been opened for me. People say I have a knack for styling and putting clothes together-- I just really like dressing up.

I've been thinking of enrolling myself in a fashion school and maybe hone those "styling skills" and see what happens. I've always wanted to do fashion photography too! This is an exciting chapter in my life, I'm gonna have to think hard about this and SAVE--which is obviously hard to do because I tend to have this shopping problem. I guess for now, I'm okay with learning the ins and outs of this industry and wait for the right time to come. After all, I've only been here for 3 months.

Have a happy weekend!

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