Adventureland/This is It

Quite the laid back film, the setting was in the 1987 (my birth year!) which means off shoulders, high waisted jeans and old school bundy clocks!- seriously, you have to watch out for that. It wasn't the greatest film ever, but then again it wasn't trying to be. It kind of reminded me of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, cool soundtrack with simple, funny-witty lines made for people who appreciate low budget films. Yeap that's pretty much what the movie's like. I also like the fact that Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds are there.

"This is It" is a MUST WATCH. Not only because it's about the King of Pop's legendary concert preparations, but because you'll get to appreciate him more as an artist. Forget all the controversies, put aside all your perceptions of him as some weird guy who likes kids and just focus on him as a musician, a singer, an artist. He really is amazing. He knows his own music, very hands on with the choreography, the vocals, the musical arrangement. He knows what he wants and how he wants it. Ugh. I'd die to be one of his back up dancers. This photo is from his performance for, "The Way You Make Me Feel", which was incredible, I got chills because it's one of my favorite songs from him and the production was nothing but beautiful.

In a way, despite all the issues, rumors and bad publicity Michael Jackson was getting, he wanted to do something great. Something that would once again remind us why he's the King of Pop. And with this film, it really did.


  1. I find Advenutreland very appealing. I like the story which is out of the ordinary. The "cheap movie" feel really works on me that I want to see more of it. And the story is plain simple, melancholy, with a bite of reality.

  2. Totally agree. I like its minimalist feel and how it doesn't try so hard to be a hit. It's just what it is.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, by the way!