Spanish Film Fest '09

Hola! Como estas? Bien? Estupendo! -- Yeah I kind of suck at it, I know. I've always been interested in my roots, and Filipinos are known for their Spanish roots. My grandma's half Spanish and so is my grandpa, so I thought it would be interesting to watch some Spanish films in Greenbelt 3, as part of the Spanish Film Festival.
Due to my tight schedule, I only got to watch 2 films, one was Retorno A Hansala.

Interesting movie, mostly because it focused on the Morrocan culture. How they hold their funerals, how they help each other in their community and how badly they want to go to Spain in search of a better life.

The other one was Los Cronocrimenes which was about time travelling.

This one I found extremely interesting. The fact that its a small movie with only four characters, proves that you don't need a lot of people to make a good movie. Also, it had its funny moments and switched to its dark mood towards the end of the movie. I recommend this!

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