What I Have is Right Here

I'd have to say this weekend was pretty good for the following reasons:

1) I got to go out on a Friday night-which rarely happens because I use that time to think of choreography for Saturday. I decided to hit Magnet Cafe over at the Fort to watch a friend's gig and I'd have to say I'm inlove with his band's music. Check out their site at: http://www.citylightsoundtrack.com/

2) Had the spiciest lunch with my kid, Racky at Chaikofi and got to do some one on one discipleship with her.

3)Got buy myself makeup! Wuhoo! Maybelline's Mineral Foundation is the best.

4)I received an invite from Look Book! Which I think is one of the most awesome things. Finally, I'm part of a community who loves, understands and appreciates fashion! Thanks to my Thrift Lovin' entry.

Tomorrow's Monday again, but I think this week's going to be amazing.

Currently addicted to: Islands by The xx. How can you not love this song? Gives me butterflies.


  1. Loving the song!! That shrimp thing doesn't look so bad either...

    Just discovered your blog-it's fab! Can't wait to read more. Cheers!

  2. It is really a wonderful songs. I love your taste in music. Really good. Thank you for sharing this post and this song. :)

  3. Hey! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. that looks so delicious!
    oh yum

  5. Oh it is :) I think i went over on the chili tho :)