Pass It On

I just recently received a message from a friend on facebook that really really touched me and made me realize that the little things you do can make such a big difference in a person's life:

Dear Tabs,
Hey, you remember the last conversation we had? You gave me advice on, how to tell a girl that I like her.

Well, I just wanted you to know (albeit, very late) that it... worked.

I'm still with the same girl I got together with that day we had our last conversation. Because of it, I've been through happiness & heartache, I feel a hundred years older, and I've learned to love.

So, i'm really thankful. :) It was nothing for you but you definitely helped kick my life in a better direction. Thanks, so much. :)

Merry Christmas!


-- The last conversation we had was 3 years ago and it's amazing how these two are still together.

It made me realize, now that the year is ending, that we should thank the people who made a difference in our lives, poured happiness in very random moments, who were patient enough to listen to us rant even if we didn't make sense. Thank those people you shared your dreams & ambitions with and supported you tho they sounded crazy at first. Thank those who loved you unconditionally during your best and darkest times.

Gather all that gratitude and pass the love to family, friends and strangers.

Have an awesome new year ahead!

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