A Reminder for the Workaholic

Photo by Tabitha
This is a shot taken while I was on a surf trip with a friend. Don't you just love the color of the sea and the sky? This photo calms me. I think I'll have it printed to hang in my room. Everytime I look at it, it makes me realize how simple life should be. How you should stop for a while and take notice of what your missing out on because you're too much 'on the go'.

December's a chaotic month for most companies and brands, you need to get ready with your Christmas promos, take care of the giveaways for consumers and of course prepare the gift list for all your contacts. It's also the month when brands prepare for the Spring Summer 2010 collection. "Okay, I've finished all my deadlines, the proposals are with the boss, I've filed all the important documents, what next?".

I felt like Flash (the superhero) today, I was just on the move and didn't even notice the time. It flew by so fast. In a way, I felt like I was very productive. But sometimes we get too immersed with work and our busy lifestyle, that we forget to just stop, savor those 3 minutes of idleness and BREATHE. Get out of the office for a while, inhale some fresh air and relax your mind. It's the best reward you can give yourself after hours of stress at work.

Happy Monday folks!

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