First Time for Everything

What I love about my planner for 2010 is that it has quotes for every week. Last week, it said, " Be happy that you have life, love, work". I've decided to reflect and expound on each quote every week and hopefully inspire you, if not motivate you to live life the way it should be lived.

So this week: "Do something you've never done before."

Last year, I went on a spontaneous trip with DJ Pat to view the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta which I've always wanted to see. Without any prior knowledge on how to get there, we hopped in his car and traveled at 3am. No showers. No brushing. Straight from an awesome party.

I'm definitely looking forward to doing things I've never done this year. I think it spices up life and gives you a new perspective on things.

It doesn't even have to be extremely big. You can start having a conversation with a stranger, trying a different route going to work, having lunch OUTSIDE the office (if you've never done it), giving money to the guy on the street who sings with his guitar on your way home, DANCE IN THE RAIN, help out at an orphanage. The list is endless.

Life is all about living, and if you stick to your daily routine of "wake up-go to work-go home-sleep", and you're not happy, maybe it's time to try something DIFFERENT.

Shake it up a bit, live a little :)


  1. sometimes it's the littlest changes that make the biggest difference :) hope you have a great year!

  2. Quite true! No, not quite, very true. :) Have a good year ahead too!

  3. I'm loving the spontaneous attitude!

  4. Funny that I should come across this post, my 2010 resolution is to try out/get back into 45 hobbies. Everything from billiards to ballroom dancing. Check it out!


  5. Would LOVE to do something like this! I guess I could, the hubby and I just moved to Peru :) so really everyday is something new!