Fliptop, and how I wish I could rap.

I've never seen a real rap battle in my life (except for the movie 8 Mile!), so I was so excited when DJ Pat and I attended Fliptop: Grain Assault. Seriously, it made me appreciate the underground hip-hop scene more.  I really enjoyed watching these guys perform and battle, i saw their heart & passion for it.

It started with some performances and then the rap battle began:

This guy's name's "Batas" which means "The Law" and totally proved it.

This is my friend Jon, aka "Protege" who won too. I swear he was so awesome.

They seem very intense and angry, but at the end of every battle, they show respect for each other, which of course, is what it's all about. This was quite the experience! I'll send the link to the battle videos soon!


  1. I LOVE THE PHOTOS! I think i should post mine as well.
    hello :) ts me the girl taking pictures beside you that night! hahaha
    we studied in the same school pala, that's why i was like oh she's so familiar. :) hihihi

  2. Ahhh! No wonder! Awesome :) I posted the pictures on facebook, its open to everyone, so you can tag the people there, since i only know a few :D haha!

  3. hi I really want to watch flip top live, but they say its underground. do you know where I can get schedules this august?