Lessons From the Shower

The end of my week ended with a sigh. I just got evaluated at work. There were good points and bad points. But what really resonated was when I was told:

"Tabitha, you're a good looking girl, you're intelligent and really good with people, but I don't know, I feel like there's something missing"

What I hate about this phrase is that it's been said to me too many times. Even at my previous job.
I've always been told that I do my job well, I have passion for it, but I'm not doing enough. 

And maybe they're right. Words like these *especially said repeatedly in a year* can really bring you down. It gets really discouraging. But then I realized while I was showering (I love how showers give you time to reflect on things), that i have been doubting myself a lot.

I haven't tried to really push my limits and go outside my comfort zone. I was being safe and sheltered in my little desk. So this season, I'm STEPPING UP. Going full blast on my press releases and making new and strong media relationships.I really want to prove myself to everyone who said that I wasn't good enough. 
If there was one lessoned I learned during my shower it was this:

When you doubt yourself, people will see that and doubt you too. Be confident in what you can do, exuberate your strengths, accept your weaknesses and work on them.

Have a good weekend loves!

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