Turning Japanese

I was craving for Japanese food today, so my friend brought me to Little Tokyo! Everything Japanese baby! I love food. I love Japanese food. And I love trying out new restaurants, so I decided to give Izakaya Kikufuji a try. Oh soo fresh!

Spciy Crunchy Tuna was TOO SPICY for me. But an overpriced Mango Shake halped me all through out.

The Salmon Sashimi was INCREDIBLE. I had to order another plate!
Who doesn't love Japanese food??


  1. Japanese food is one of the BEST! That salmon looks really delicious. My favorite Japanese dish is tuna tataki, mmmm.

  2. Ohhhh that sounds delicious. Can't get enough of Jap foood!

  3. now i'm craving for japanese food..:D
    too bad though cuz my boyfriend doesn't like jap food and would have to find another food buddy..hehe.

    thanks for dropping by my blog!