Pass It On

These past few months have been quite difficult for me personally and I rarely share my "weak" moments with people, so they hardly know anything about it. The awesome side of it is that there have been certain people who helped me get up again and start fresh. I'm being too vague about the situation, I know, but I learned a really valuable lesson!

Oftentimes we think personal struggles are a pain in the neck. Actually, they really are. But what I learned during these past months is that we are allowed to feel distressed and troubled, so that we can feel God's genuine comfort and healing. And once we've experienced this amazing love and comfort, we can share it to those who need it too. It's like, we needed to go through certain problems, so that in the future, we can help those who are going through the same situation. I think it's also all about just being a blessing to others, if you feel like that person needs help, you don't think twice, because you've been there and you know how much it hurts and as much as possible you want to lessen the hurt for her. 

So share the comfort, express your love, and don't hold back. Pass it on, so that they can pass it on to those who are in need of it too. 

Have an awesome week ahead!:)


  1. This is really great and something I needed to hear right now. Thank you. Great blog.


    Hannah Katy

  2. You're very much welcome and I hope that everything goes well with you:) Thanks for dropping by :)