Twin Lens Reflex is Beautiful

I finally finally got to go to Quiapo to buy my materials for my accessories! I cannot wait to finish the line! It's been too too long! While I was there, I went looking for old cameras that I know I'll like and thought of buying film as well. I saw the camera that I've been thinking of buying! Ahhh it's so beautiful.

It's also priced a little higher than the Blackbird toy camera but I mean, hello, this ones a classic! It uses 120mm film which would be a struggle, but I think it's all about the experience of using the camera. Oh boy, there goes one payday! 


  1. so nice! ive been wanting one ever since... but they're so expensive!

  2. No! Actually, they're quite affordable.. well, kind of.They cost around P6,000 in Hidalgo :)

  3. that's gorgeous <3
    but 120mm film sure is a hassle :(
    i'm sure it'll be worth it though!