To the market place

Photos by Dave

Last Saturday my friend and I went to Quiapo, this market place where people sell and do A LOT of stuff and I mean A LOT. From pirated DVDs, to second hand clothes, to fruits, vegetables, fish, candles for prosperity, flowers, balloons, fortune telling. They got it all here. Awesome place to find really really cheap things. Kind of reminded me about how angry Jesus was when he found out that people were making the church a market place and how he was outraged about the disrespect of God's place of worship.

Anyway, I bought some materials for my jewelry, and 'window shopped' for vintage cameras while he practiced his photography! I had my Pentax SLR with me, took around 12 shots with black & white film, we'll see how it turns out! It was so friggin' HOT. Just needed to say that.

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