Shifting Weather

Blouse, Jacket & Bag: Thrifted; Cropped Pants: Topshop; Shoes: Vintage from mother

Friday office attire. I don't know if its a good thing that around 40% of the clothes in my closet are thrifted.
Wait. What am I saying? Unique finds and getting to save dinero especially on apparel is always always a good thing. *BAD Tabitha for even thinking that way* 

It's been raining these past few days so the office is colder than usual. Need to push all my sunny dresses at the back of the closet and bring out the jackets, cardigans and sweaters! Don't forget the scarves! They've been waiting for me. 

Last night, we sponsored an event and got free tickets to watch Sex and the City. How timely was it that the night before that I got to watch "Women of Sex and the City: True Hollywood Story"?The movie was alright. Made me laugh a lot, perfect for the weekend. Has anyone else seen it?

Tonight, I honestly don't know what my plans are yet. But I'm definitely in the mood to head out. Especially in this cool weather. No parties or bars, just somewhere relaxing where people aren't stuck up and aren't dressed too fancy. Hmmm. Happy Weekend! 


  1. Shut up, that jacket's from a thrift store?!? It's soooo cute; what a lucky find!

  2. ok...i need addresses for the thrift stores you go to because you can't find that jacket in a goodwill around here, that's for sure! I love the outfit, so simple and chic...you look very put-together.


  3. Jillian: You have no idea what thrift stores are like here, they are HUGE. haha

    Shandi: Thank you! Come here and Ill show you around! ;)

  4. gorgeous outfit! love it!
    great blog, following!!

  5. Thanks Melissa! Glad you dropped by :)