Run Tabs Run

Today (actually, last night), I decided to get back into shape! So I have committed to wake up an hour earlier to run.  This is going to be such a challenge because I LOVE my sleep. I even make sure I get 8 hours of sleep a day. 

After watching the movie, Run Lola Run, I wanted to get Lola's endurance. Holy crap that woman can run. 

So this morning I started running! Well, okay so it was more of walking, brisk walking. I tried to run a couple of times and ended up panting like crazy and realized that if I joined that Century Tuna Run 4 months ago, i would have passed out and made a fool of myself. So I thought, "One day at a time, ambitious girl". Ahh the pains of  refusing to involve myself in any physical activity in over a year.

Running outside in the morning is way better than running at home. You get to breathe the morning air since there aren't a lot of cars out yet and the sunlight gets to touch my pale skin. Hello blood circulation, leg muscles and future 5k runner Tabitha!

Let's just hope I get to do this again tomorrow. ha!


  1. i can never keep an exercise regimen. i've tried going on the treadmill, & it usually lasts for a few weeks, then i get lazy. also, the last time my boyfriend & i tried running around my neighborhood, i nearly passed out just three minutes into it, so i lost motivation altogether. hahaha.


  2. Good luck on your exercise regimen! The first two weeks are the hardest! Instead of running, I'm doing yoga every other day at 8:00am. After I get acquainted with waking up so early, I'm gonna start running too...

    Have fun on your runs! ;)

  3. Gela: Hahaha! Then I suggest you start with walking instead of running! I think it's actually better for the health!:)

    Trixie: You do attend class or do you do it at home? I've always wanted to try Yoga. I did Pilates before for 2 months but only because the sessions were free. Now that I need to pay for classes, I decided that running would e the best option just to get some exercise :)