Rain, rain, thanks for coming.

The rainy weekend was quite comforting. I love that I got to buy 4 new books: a novel, a devotional book *which was, believe or not God's way of telling me how much He wants me to meditate on Him again, because He cut that expensive book to half the price!*, a PR book and an entrepreneurial book.
I got to spend some alone time with a book on two rainy days. That's something I haven't done in ages!  I also got to catch up with the two teen girls I've been mentoring, which was so refreshing. I missed them a lot.

This is a shot from the coffee shop I stayed in. I got stuck here for a couple of hours because I am so smart, I neglected to bring an umbrella despite the obvious gloomy weather. I'd have to say this was one of the best weekends I've had. I honestly don't think that you have to party and get drunk to have a great weekend, sometimes a cozy chair with a good book and coffee while it drizzles does the trick.

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