Surfin' Safari

Shot these a while back on a 4-day surfing trip with a friend. The guy sitting on the board is Vergel, he's such a cool guy. Very down to earth. The two photos after is Adonis, but everybody calls him "Pitong". He gives us free board rental every time we visit him. Such a nice guy. I miss him dearly. I also just really miss the waves and looking for that swell, paddling and trying to balance as I stand on the board. This was when i caught my first big wave. I honestly don't think I have the endurance to surf anymore. I'm totally out of shape and pale as a vampire.

Here's to the people who miss the waves as much as I do!

Surfin' Safari by THe Beach Boys


  1. Looks like Baler! I went there to for a little surfing as well. Thanks sooo much for dropping by my blog and leaving me some love. I'm following you too. Nice photos you have here :)

    Melai of Style and Soul