Bed Entry

I can't believe I'm spending my whole Saturday in bed. It sucks that I caught the virus going around the office, all this time I thought my body was strong enough to fight it. I guess I was wrong. So I'm here in bed, looking for new blogs to read, and reinventing my header.

I figured, I don't want this blog to be just about styling or fashion or beauty (because it's already becoming that). 
I want it to be something more. I want to be able to show my photos again and talk about things that I'm passionate about. I'm currently planning a little project for my blog which would involve other people and their passions. I think this is my way of spreading the love and the positivity. I mean we all have the capacity to do so, we just have to act upon it. So I'm crossing my fingers on this project. And hopefully the people I have in mind for it would gladly join me. Wish me luck on this! I'm really excited about it. 

Oh my it's a long weekend! I have to feel better. I'm planning to taking my camera for a walk around the city on Monday! Happy Weekend :)

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