Shoot for Body Shop

Dress: Bargain Shop (Greenhills); Vest: Thrifted; Belt: Vintage; Shoes: Forever21

Hola! I just literally came from The Body Shop's campaign launch, Stop Sex Trafficking. They asked me to cover the event by taking photos (this one will definitely go to the portfolio!). It was seriously tiring, and I will NEVER attempt to wear heels/tall wedges while documenting an event especially one that's as crowded and celebrity-centered as this one. Competing with the media is so difficult especially with my height (haha). 
By the way, I've been looking for these shoes since last year! I'm positive Acne had these too but in leather. I really wanted suede, so when I saw these at Forever21 I HAD to buy it, pronto! :)

I will post photos of the event soon! I just need to organize it. As a thank you, The Body Shop gave me a gift pack:

Okay, I'm really tired and I still have makeup on and I want to crash now. Have a good weekend my loves!


  1. See? Comfort is important when covering an event! :)) Looking forward to your photos. :D

  2. Ooh, freebies! Lucky girl! I like your cute little floral dress. Forever 21 had some nice ones but they were so expensive. GH definitely has a more affordable range and in practically the same materials :)

    B from A plus B