Back to School

It's so funny and weird how God answers your prayers sometimes. I've been talking to Him about a career move I've been wanting to do. Of either getting a job abroad or switching to another company here in Manila. Even if I got a certificate that would allow me to look for a job in Singapore, for some reason my heart's not completely in it. And knowing me, I have to be 150% that I want to do it, because diving into something with my eyes half open may just cause  more confusion in the future. Besides, the certificate expires in 2 years, so I have plenty of time.

So this was the answer, Fashion Journalism in SOFA. The company offered to pay for my classes. It will be for 2 months, once a week, while I'm working. They figured it might help me with my PR requirements and I completely agree. I started doing this blindly and just worked my way into mastering everything that goes on with PR, that I feel like I missed the basics. I think this is definitely going to help me in terms of writing about our collections and reviews about fashion shows. I guess I'll be staying put for while. :)

I talked about planning to go to fashion school exactly a year ago, and it's pretty neat how things fell into place. I just had to free myself from anxiety (which turns out to be a psychological trait I have according to some drawing tests I took) and work on patience.

I'm going back to school and I start next week!


  1. Abi, that's perfect! =D Praise God. =3

  2. Like!!! Congrats! :D

  3. Thanks you guys! I'm pretty psyched about it. But it'll definitely be an experience:)