Crystal Jade, Manila

Like I said, I've been so busy for the past three months juggling my work in fashion and launching this new restaurant, and I'm so excited to tell you that it is Asia's famous Crystal Jade (La Mian Xiao Long Bao) restaurant, and it's finally here in Manila!  

We had two media tasting events. It was chaotic and dead tiring. I'm just glad it's over and I can go back to fashion now. 

Here are some of the photos from the last day, where all the food journalists and bloggers + other media were invited:

Demonstration of their famous hand pulled noodles. It's quite amazing!

Chefs from Singapore

Radio DJ friends who came: Lambert (Jam 88.3), Tracy (Mellow 94.7), Pat (Magic 89.9) and Dirty J (RT 99.5).
Thank you for coming! I missed you guys!

Just some of the delicious food from the restaurant! 

With La Mian Head Chef Liu and Chairmain and CEO of Crystal Jade Singapore Mr. Ip Yiu Tung

It opens this Monday, September 13, 2010. Located at the ground floor or V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center. :)


  1. is this resto urs abi? wow!congrats!

  2. Oh, no no. It's not mine. the company that I work for :)

  3. Chef Arvin Lim is the Best Chinese Chef EVER

  4. This is right near me and I saw it when it was opening. This restaurant always cracks me up because the name is a mouth-full!

    Bea from A plus B

  5. i loved their food!!!!
    especially the noodle in spicy peanut soup :)
    thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow thanks for the the feedback :)