Pre-Birthday Thoughts

So, at exactly 8am tomorrow it's going to be my birthday! For some reason, I didn't have the usual birthday blues this week. I guess it proves how happy I am and how satisfied I am with how I'm living at the moment.

I'm turning 23! But honestly, I don't feel any older. I don't feel scared, stressed or fearful that I am adding a number in my years. I blame it on the following:

The people who surround me, my friends, who still know how to live young.

My parents, who know that their daughter has been working for a year already and still take care of me like I'm 16 (which sometimes isn't such a bad thing, because you'll be missing those when you really get old).

The two teenage girls I disciple at church. They always remind of how simple life is and how simply it should be lived.

God. It's only because of him that I don't fear my future, because I know He has everything in control.

My birthday kicked off last night when I met a CHAMPION. I won't reveal it today, but I'm pretty sure the girls won't know him. The guys however are going to FREAK. I'll save that for my birthday post! I'm really excited about tomorrow, friends and I got awesome plans in the morning.

Have fun for me this weekend, will ya?


  1. Hi Tabitha! An advanced happy birthday to you! My birthday is coming next week, I am turning 23 and I also have been working for one year now! We are very much alike like that!

    I find this post very very familiar as I write the same way last year in my other blog. But mine is more melodramatic, I'm such a drama queen!

    I hope to bump into you around Manila! Don't snob me if we do! :)

  2. Hi Len! Thank you for the greeting!:) I'm sure we'll see each other, especially if you're working in Ortigas! It's a very tight place :)

  3. Happy birthday to you :D Have an awesome day and an awesome celebration!