H&M in Manila

I'd kill just to get those loot bags right now. So I hear that H&M will be opening in Manila in 2011 and that SM's bringing them in. I'm pretty sure they won't be putting it in Megamall, so it's most likely going to open at the Mall of Asia. 

I personally wish they didn't bring the brand in. It kind of ruins the thrill of going to Hong Kong or anywhere abroad to shop. It's that feeling of getting to wear clothes that not everyone has. Does this sound snotty of me? Maybe it does. I guess I just don't want the brand's image to change too. Everybody will be wearing H&M once it opens just like what happened with Forever21. 

On the other side of things, it would pretty neat to have H&M available in the Philippines, their clothes are affordable and very comfortable. I'm torn. What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to know.


  1. Hello! I've read your blog for a while now, which is pretty awesome if I do say so.
    In my town in England not everyone shops in H&M I'm not sure why, it sounds snobby when I say this but all the girls dont really have any idea of fashion sense and they all dress the same, they prefer buying everything in bulk from topshop so they all really do look the same,but I spend most of my money in h&m! haha...I think its pretty cool, even just for off pieces or accessories. However for the Lanvin collection I'd have to travel for four hours to London there and back! and again not to sound snobby, but im pretty sure only a handful of people know who or what Lanvin is. Tough one, but i'd go with being happy that they are arriving there, you get to buy awesome affordable clothes, and if any of your previous outfits are to go by you will make them your own style anyway :)! Keep up the awesome blogging, x

  2. Hi Lolren! Thank you for your opinion. You made a point there when you said that it's all about how you wear and style the clothes. I realized that I should be happy that other people can now experience H&M, because it's such a wonderful brand!