Cozy Sunday

Dress: Bargain Shop; Cardigan: Thrifted; Tights: HK Market; Bag: Girbaud; Shoes: Rubi

It's been drizzling none stop today, so I figured I had to wear something warm going to church. Our church was so full I forgot the services were compressed to two, 10:30am and 5:30pm! The traditional Christmas Cantata was incorporated with the service which I thought was very smart. I love cantatas, especially the little kids who sing and dance on stage! 

Today, I will head on over to Greenhills and do my Christmas shopping since my trip to the Marikina Riverbanks was such a failure, I didn't get to buy anything and my friend Paolo bought around 6 items for his family. Bummer. I shall face the chaos in the tiangge! Wish me luck? 


  1. Absolutely ADORE this outfit. That dress has such a gorgeous print...plus, I love nothing better than a cute print dress, cardigan sweater, coloured tights, and sweet ballet flats :) Your cardigan adds great texture too, subtle but interesting.

    Following your blog now!

    <3 Cambria

  2. Thank you for such a keen observation of the outfit! The cardigan's a favorite coz it's such a steal! :)