How to Enjoy Your Body Massage

I went for a body massage at Ahavia Lounge Spa along Wilson Street and realized that I've had a lot of really bad and really good massages. And this made me want to come up with some tips on how to fully enjoy your body massage, even if it's just for an hour. After all, you get a massage to escape from that awful and stressful work environment, you might a well ENJOY the experience, right? PLUS! You're paying for it, so that's a no brainer, you totally have to make the most out of it.

Before you get that massage, there are some things that you'll have to consider when picking a spa, especially if its going to be your first time:

Of course you have to choose a really good spa to go to. If it's your first time to get a massage, ask your friends where they get theirs and get as much referrals as you can. Read magazine reviews and even blogs to get a feel of what they experienced in that spa and how they liked it.

We all consider price. I mean who doesn't in this economically tight year? Be sure that you're getting your money's worth. P300 is good enough for an hour of oriental or swedish massage with a cup of hot tea.

Alright now that you've thought about these factors, it's time to enjoy the massage!

Showering before a massage makes the experience more pleasurable, especially if you'll be getting it after work. You're clean and nothing's holding you back! You can go straight to bed right after.Mmmm.

Funny story: Everything was going well when I first tried out this spa near our place.. until she asked me to face upwards after the back massage. She removed the towel on top of me and exposed my boobs! Seriously, I was pretty shocked. What made it even more awkward for me was when she was massaging them. I thought it was so funny and weird I tried to keep myself from laughing.

It wasn't a bad experience, I just wasn't used to it, so the second time I went there, I made it known to her that I didn't want anybody caressing my (very) little girls. Bottomline, it's okay to tell them that you're not comfortable with some of their procedures. You can ask them to skip it and move on to the next.

The masseuse will never know if they're hurting you unless you say it. Don't be afraid to tell them that they're breaking a bone (geez I hope not) or that you feel like they're putting TOO MUCH pressure on you. You're there to relax and not get butchered ;)

After the massage, ask for a cup of tea, the body needs something warm after and it feels GREAT! Also, giving tips are also good, it's just a way of showing them that they did a great job putting oil in your body and making your muscles feel relaxed. I usually give P50 on top of the P300 massage.

So there you go, hopefully your spa experience would be as relaxing and enjoyable!

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