Ronac Art Center

Had lunch with my good friend Janny at Charlie's (where you can eat the best burgers in the world), Ronac Art Center, along Ortigas. I'm so glad they opened a joint that's walking distance from my place (although I usually still drive going there), I don't need to go all the way to Kapitolyo just to grab a bite of their Black Angus!

We went to some of the stores as well to check out their merchandise, and they've got some awesome collector's toys and skate boards!

I want my hands on these boards

Say hello to great architecture and art


  1. They allowed u to take photos? -wella

  2. Didnt knw you had a blog! Nice one, baby cakes! Interesting stuff you got going here. I just started one, part of my NY resolution and it's been really fun!

  3. Wella: Yeah they did. I didnt have to ask, they told me right away I could take photos :)

    Ginger: Noice! It's a great way to keep yourself sane, really :)

  4. Charlie's is my favorite burger place right now, too :) And though I prefer the taste of wings at Buffalo Wings n Things, I also love the wings served here.