Inspiration Board and Ixus

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So this is my inspiration board at the office. It's not much, but it keeps me smiling! Sad I wasn't able to capture the necklace hanging on the upper right portion, it was given by someone special. I'm planning to add more photos that I took to it just to spice it up a little.

This is a test shot by the way from my newly purchased Canon Ixus. Reason why I bought it despite already having a DLSR and 3 analog cameras? Because I really want something handy to bring when i watch concerts. They don't allow DSLRs and I feel so bad about it so I decided to buy a cheap high quality digital camera that is Ixus.

I know it's not necessary to do test shots on digital cameras, but what the heck, these are the first photos I took with my new baby, experimenting on the color accents and macro settings:

Office To Do list. Que Horror.

Who wants green tea?

Raindrops shot from inside the car

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  1. Me like your first picture.

    Remember when I was the receptionist, I had tea leaves and you asked, "Whats that..." I said, "My lunch"
    HAHA! Crazy anorexic.