Mondo Time

Did some catching up with my good friend Wella whom I've known for 8 years now! I find our friendship pretty neat because we get to relate and laugh a lot even if she's 4 years older than me (woops! Sorry Wella, you don't look it anyway!)

We talked about work *of course* and told her about some future plans I have on my sleeve which I will reveal very soon

Side note: I have been on a "no make up foundation" advocacy for 3 weeks now. I told Wella about this and said that I want to work from the inside out. Of course she laughed about this, but I'm dead serious! I want to be able to radiate beauty through the food that I eat instead of the makeup that I wear. Of course I still curl my lashes and put on lip balms and rouge. I'm just foundation-free. At least my skin can breathe more now :)

So we had lunch at Recipe's Shangri-la and then headed to Galleria to chat some more and ended up in Mondo Juice, which was a real treat! 
The Peak-a-Pom (?) drink that Wella wanted me to try at Mondo Juice.

The traffic was horrible on my way home. I was bored and decided to take a photo. This is me looking constipated. haha

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