Fortune plants & their little surprises

First off, my mom was pretty amazed that fortune plants grew flowers! This was all new to her and (of course) to me. The first photo was taken yesterday afternoon and the second photo was taken just this morning. 

For some odd reason its in full bloom only in mornings. My mom was all excited when she first saw it and asked me to look out my window to view its miraculous flower powers. After looking it up in google, white flowers that bloom from fortune plants mean tremendous luck, and black flowers mean, well, bad luck. 

But since I don't believe in any of those, I just wanted to appreciate and share with you guys how a silly looking plant can produce such a pretty little thing. 


  1. Aww that's really pretty! Where did your mom get those fortune plants? :)

  2. I think she just picked them somewhere along her way home and decided to re-plant it at our home, shameless to say :)

  3. I have those at home! :) They are indeed beautiful!