Stuck for the Summer

Dress: Greenhills, Denim polo: Cotton On, Sandals: F21, Hat: SM Dept. Store

I saw this hat and I fell in love with it in a snap! And it's only P250 ($7)! Can you believe it? I'm just glad I FINALLY found an alternative. So I am officially celebrating the summer with this post!

To be quite honest I don't really have summer plans yet, exactly a year ago I went to this beautiful beach trip with my friends, and now nothing! Have I forgotten how to live?? Need to make plans soon! 

Stuck for the Summer by Two Hours Traffic

Just saw that kid Rebecca Black's video, gah! I feel so bad for her. "Partying, partying... yeah!"


  1. That HAT and those SANDALS look very very familiar. HMMMMM... *scratching head*


    Nice nice!

    Oh by the way, I didn't know that the hat was that cheap! I was considering getting one few weeks ago that costs 600+ and I thought it was a good buy! Haha

  2. Whaaat! Crazy. These hats are only supposed to cost P250-350! Well at least that's how much i bought them for. :)

  3. i love your dress!! so summer-y!! :] and your hat!! gotta get myself one!

  4. Oh ! I love your rings ! Beautiful !