Blue Polkadots

Top: Vintage, Bag: Vintage, Pants: F21, Shoes: Parisian

YAY to more vintage finds! I was incredibly thrilled to have found this polo from my grandma's 'box of surprises'! I absolutely love the blue hue of this top and its very old buttons (that are surprisingly intact!). The bag is also vintage, I found it at a thrift store months ago. People have been telling me how nice it is with its gold details by its strap. Ahhh I love not having to spend hundreds for great finds!


  1. Very, very cute outfit. It's even better when you know your vintage finds have a history that's so close to you. I have a camel colored peacoat that was my grandmother's, and I've taken it in and given it new buttons. I love thinking about her as I wear it, and thinking about the things that she was doing when she wore it, what she was thinking, what she was anxious about. I really treasure it.


  2. That's an awesome way of thinking Caitlin :) Now it makes me wonder about my grandma's clothes too!

  3. Very nice outfit!! I love shoes!