High School Camp: Bible 365

I used my vacation leave for this High School Camp that we've been preparing for last month. This happens every year and we prepare messages, group activities and an "amazing race" for the kids. 

It was all very tiring and worth it, because these got to know God and learn more about Him. I feel so blessed to be a part of it again, since I wasn't able to join last year's festivities. 

Amazing Race: Swimming Pool Challenge

Amazing Race: The Electric Fence challenge (not really electric!fyi)
Amazing Race: Gawgaw Fight!

With some of the girl counselors (shying from the gawgaw)

Showcasing what they learned in camp through a skit

With my group of girls :)

All the kids with the staff and counselors!

All photos by RJ Yu


  1. Oh tank you very very much, your so kind !

  2. Excuse me for asking you this question, but where are you from ? =)

  3. That looked liked so much fun :) Great post!