Princess & Brides

Last Saturday I went to the "Princess & Brides" fair over at Mega Trade Hall and helped my friend Kaycee with her booth. The place was packed! So many wedding photographers, makeup artists, events coordinators and even wedding singers! There are so many people getting married this year especially in November and December!

She offered to make me experience the airbrush makeup. Yay!

I forgot to put on lipgloss. Woops. 

The airbrush technique lessens the foundation lines on the face and makes it look SO FLAWLESS. It's amazing. I wish I had a machine at  home!


  1. hey abi! it was nice seeing you! didn't get to chat na, mejo me "S" na si boyfriend pagod na hahahaha! ayaw na nga ako samahan mag photobooth kakainis! :))

  2. I hope by the time I get married there will be even more makeup tricks to make my skin look flawless. Haha! This looks so cool. I bet you were bummed to wash it off :P

    Bea from A plus B