Ilaputi, Cebu

During our stay in Cebu, our friend Jany (who grew up there) took us to a nice dinner after the fashion show. The place is called, "Ilaputi" which just basically means, "Sila Puti" (They're White), and no it doesn't sound as racist or discriminating in Filipino. The owners of the place are probably Americans and I guess they were referring to themselves. 

The restaurant serves international cuisine and is the go-to place before hitting up clubs such as Penthouse (which is the equivalent of Encore - is that still open? or Republiq)

Our food guide Jany, Me and Eric with his pillowed collar.

Clean interiors. I like the small touches of white cherry blossom-like plants. 

Mexcebuano (Mexican-Cebuano) Chicken: grilled chicken with BBQ sauce

Grilled Chikari - the rice was exquisite! You can just eat it as is!

The food is very affordable, filling and delicious!

Ilaputi: Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

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