No pictures, please!

My girl friends and I went on a photo trip around Ortigas Center. After the two sisters did their own photo shoot, we decided to have a more fun shoot, pretending to be celebrities being photographed by the paparazzi. We obviously didn't even mind the people there who were probably thinking, "Who are these people??"

It reminded me of a girl who was interviewed at the Tyra Show, who had a problem with attention. She wants people to look at her and notice her, so what she would do is to just randomly act like a celebrity and pretend that people were taking photos of her and say, "No no, no pictures!!" How funny is that??:)

Here are our more subtle paparazzi shots from that Saturday afternoon:

(Photos by Ginger)


  1. nice set abi! :)) fun times!

  2. K.O: Thanks! We had so much fun! Kept laughing out loud at the photos after :)

    Gela: Yeah! Go for it! hahaha