Basic Steps to "Get there"

I know I haven't "gotten there" but I created steps or rather reminders in order to keep myself aligned with what I'm doing while on my journey to being an awesome and successful photographer (one day).

This post is for those who are (like me), starting out in chasing a dream. 
Whether you're a makeup artist, stylist, illustrator, designer - these basic reminders could help you ease your way in accomplishing that goal. 

Just like any other skill, you need to practice. It doesn't matter if you think you were "born to do this", you get to improve your art by doing it everyday. It is the only time you learn from your mistakes and enhance your talent. 

Grab Opportunities
If your friends ask of your services, go for it. These will give you a feel of the industry and help you gain more confidence in yourself through these hands-on experiences. Opportunities like these also let you meet new people which means = possible new clients. 

Value Connections
One of the most important reminders of all. Since I've been in PR for two years, I've met some people who work in magazines, radio, tv and events. Hopefully, even when I'm not connected with the company anymore, I can still work with them.

Valuing connections also mean having good relationships with them. I was never rude to them and I always treated them as if they were my long time friends. These people might just be able to aid you in living the dream.

Share Your Dream 
Marthe Hagen couldn't have said better in this post:

"Only when you share your dream do you create space for people to reach out"

I was very hesitant to tell people about my dreams of being a photographer, because I could imagine them rolling their eyes at me saying, "Oh great, another one". But I realized that if I don't share it with people, then I don't create space for it to come true. 

Because people knew about what I was doing, they'd call me for possible shoots and clients. It has opened doors for me and I hope that it would open doors for you too.

Enjoy & Love What You Do
Take everything as a blessing. Enjoy the learning experience with full enthusiasm. People can tell if you're just dragging yourself to work or if you don't feel like working for them. Show them that you love what your doing and make them feel that you're passionate about your work. 

What other things are you doing right now to land that dream job?  
Anything you'd like to add to the list?

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