Being Free

"He who is brave is free" 

I've briefly mentioned that I just passed my resignation a week ago. It was one of the most freeing moments of my life. Off from college, I never imagined myself working in an office, behind a desk having strict working hours. It just wasn't me. Since being a radio DJ didn't work out as planned, I figured I might as well try the corporate world. After all my Marketing course was hella fun back in college. 

So I did. 2 years in, dreams of pursuing photography kept occupying my mind and I was restless almost every night just thinking about it. I kept setting the dream aside, but it kept creeping in. 

I'm one who tries to live a life without regrets. Who talks about passion almost all the time and who encourages people to go for their dreams. I guess now it was MY TIME to do that, to put everything into practice. 

So here I am! Soon-to-be corporately unemployed to pursue photography. I know some wouldn't agree that this is the best decision. But trust me, if you've had sleepless nights thinking about chasing a dream, you'd care less about nay-sayers. 

I'm hoping to share my journey with whoever is reading this. I think I'll need all the encouragement and positivity I can get. Here's to pursuing passions and being free. 


  1. Good luck! With so much determination I'm sure you will succeed no problem! :)

  2. cool! what kind of photography are you getting into?

  3. I just did the same thing. I quit my job and went to Madrid. Here's to seeing the rest of the world! Cheers to doing what makes you free, what makes you feel alive! :o) - Deb

  4. Ella: Thank you for your encouragement! :)

    Ian: We'll see when I finish studying, but I'm leaning towards lifestyle :)

    Deb: Cheers to that indeed!

  5. goodluck abi, go for whatever makes you happy.

  6. Hi Abi! Just thought to comment here, as lately I've been wrestling with the same thoughts about work. I think it's a little harder for me to leave, considering that it's a family business, but God's been giving me a lot of green lights & that's what's giving me the courage to go through with it. :)

    Woooh! Certainly nerve-wracking, but freeing indeed. :)

  7. Les: Sounds all very interesting and exciting! Hope you can tell me about it when I see you:)

  8. Incredibly excited for you! God bless. =)

  9. Thank you Najee, that means a lot :)