On Bunny Scarves and Open Mics

My mom got this scarf from a thrift store in Palawan, I fell in love with it and admit having to sport the same look over and over in the office. I need more scarves!

Stepped out of the house today all summery with my plain white tee and flowery scarf and then it starts to POUR. Crazy weather, I say. Saturday afternoon, I shopped with my dear friend Minneli for her New Zealand trip, since all the brands are going 50% OFF! 

After a day of silliness at the mall, we headed over to Cafe Alfonso in Makati to watch our friends play. There were open mic sessions as to which I was shamefully called to sing. I looked so shy and foolish! But it was all in the name of F.U.N. Minneli got to take a video of it, so if you have absolutely nothing to do at the moment you can view my night of shame here

Happy weekend lovers! 

P.S. I Finally have PINTEREST! Time to get inspired and addicted.

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