Sunrise Buckets

So I just realized how much I've been pigging out ever since I quit my job! Nevertheless, it gives me great opportunities to try out new restaurants, eat some more and share it here.

After hitting the gym last Saturday, Minneli, new friend Chris and I headed over to Sunrise Buckets in Madison Square. This place is 10 minutes away from my place by foot (not that you needed to know that).

Their wings are very affordable (and delicious) plus the place just looks rad, look at it! A bit of surf paradise in my turf.

I kind of felt weird about having to use plastic gloves to eat the chicken wings, but I guess I had to use them since I did come from the gym and no amount of anti-bacterial soap will convince me to use my bare hands.

Sunrise Buckets
Madison Square, Ortigas Ave. (Near Ash Creek, Xavier)

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