Music Friday!

Meet Donna, my other model for studio lighting class. Her makeup is crazy good although you can hardly see it here!

I'm in such a good mood today I want to share some pretty awesome music with you, I really hope you like them because I am currently obsessing over these songs. If you don't, you lack taste in music (kidding).
(Found a pretty neat mix of Two Door Cinema Club's "Something Good Can Work" too!)

Happy songs for a happy Friday! Spread the love!

Harvest Moon by Poolside

Cameo Lover by Kimbra

Houdini by Foster the People

Bad Street by Twin Sister

Something Good Can Work (RAC Mix) by Two Door Cinema Club


  1. i LOVE kimbra! awesome playlist :)

    p.s. the song in my video is clean white love by lisa mitchell. x

  2. Hey there! Randomly came by your blog by way of either Boat Ride Through the Sky or another blog somewhere, but glad to have stumbled upon yours! I ended up downloading those songs you posted here. :D And a very pretty picture on lighting! I wish I took up photography too. *sigh*