sKarm: Odyssey to the Sun

Loving music is a understatement, because I like dissecting the sound, looking up band history and talking about music for hours. Music would be my conversation starter almost all the time. I can talk about alternative, indiepop, britpop, electronica, jazz funk and those other weird sounding genres that people come up with these days.

I'd have to say though, I haven't had the chance to appreciate rap and hip hop until 2010 when I first witnessed Fliptop

That's when I saw sKarm perform and I have to be completely honest, I was really impressed by his lyrical skills. I was nodding and thinking to myself, "Wow this guy's good". 

After releasing his first album, "Lazy Boy Blues" in 2007 and his second "Introubled Waters" in 2010, the Producer and C.E.O. of Pharm Records has carried out his third work of art entitled, "Odyssey to the Sun". 

"Odyssey to the Sun" is a 12 track album featuring artists such as Miki Hahn and Liquid. I quite enjoyed the album with some of my personal favorites "Aviator Traits" and "Virus Latency".
If you want to hear good beats and lyrics with real depth, then this album won't disappoint!

Listen to "Odyssey to the Sun" and "Tricked by a What" feat. Liquid. Enjoy!

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