Happiness Project

We went to Payatas last Saturday to help our friend Janice with her photography workshop. This isn't just any other workshop though. It's with the kids of the actors from the Mountain Thief movie. They've been going through this workshop since the first week of February, and meeting them last Saturday was such a treat! Some of them truly have an eye for taking pictures, it's incredible.

Each kid were given a digital camera to shoot with. Every week, they're given a topic or theme to take photos of, such as things that they play with, places/people that make them happy, places they want to change in their environment. We then screen some of the photos to be exhibited in New York. Proceeds will go to these kids' education and medical needs.

One realization I had in this visit was to be grateful every single day for what I have. The fact that their parents have to literally dig through mountains of garbage to find something useful to sell makes me appreciate the little things that get me through the day.

This project is just a baby, but I'm excited on what it can be and how it can help the kids! Hopefully we get to teach children in different parts of the Philippines or wherever Gerry, the film maker shoots his next movie.

House where the workshop's being held
Janice with the kids, checking their shots for the day
Future artists/photographers

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