Pigeon Hole

Ahh it is quite obivous that Pigeon Hole did not want to be found. We've been going up and down Duxton Road and didn't see a hint of it. This place reminds me of shops in Cubao X here in Manila. It's a cafe that promotes local NGOs, music, film, fine arts and performing arts. We like the homey, spaced, relaxed feel of it.

We found it funny though that there were only 3 dishes available on the menu that day. haha

So spacious with random unique furniture
Just like home
Right: Poster of local bands who played in the shop
Shitake mushroom, Portobello, Mac and Cheese pasta
Chicken Pot Pie. Look at those tile coasters! So fun.
Pigeon Hole
Duxton Rd, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

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