Shooting Gloria Diaz

When I found out I was going to shoot the Gloria Diaz, I was ecstatic! I mean come on, who wouldn't want to take photos of the former Miss Universe?

She welcomed us in her lovely home and was very candid about me being her photographer. She was like, " You're the photographer? You're so cute, you're too young to be a photographer!" so I politely said with a smile, "Better that you start young, right?" and she still wouldn't stop talking about how old she is and how young we are. To be completely honest though, I think her skin is still so beautiful and she is as graceful as ever.

I found amusing to see her posing for the camera, she knew how to angle her face and what to do with her lips.*She has had a lot of practice, come to think of it!*

I was happy that she was delighted with the photos and eventually asked for my contact details after the shoot for future services :) Yay for awesome opportunities and meeting amazing people!