Up, up and away!

2 months ago I was a bum, worried that I might run out of cash from my savings and not get any projects.
Self doubt slowly crept in and had me anxious about my getting clients, doing photography for a living.
Then 2012 came and things started to turn around and it's been a really good ride.

So far I am doing 3 things that I love:

Aside from taking in clients for brand campaigns and contributing for a travel magazine,  I am currently working on a major project to be launched this March. It is a book that features 100 inspiring and powerful women. Proceeds of the book will go to a foundation that supports anti-human trafficking, which is an underrated social issue in this country. Hopefully we create even more awareness (and supporters) through this project.
Which I never really thought I'd do. I was made editor of an events magazine and a modeling magazine. The two are still babies in the industry, but hopefully we can get it running for 5 years or more. 
So if you want to feature anything that's happening around the Philippines, hit me up lovers!

So glad to be a part of a team that uses the arts to promote social change. I just recently accepted the invite to be a Marketing Director for the Mount Hope Project as well as its partner, International Film Festival Manhattan which are both based in New York. I was fortunate enough to meet its founders and am pretty excited about helping them and getting these two going here in Manila.

It's a handful! But I'm just glad I'm doing what I love while trying to make a difference in this country. These are projects that I have heart  for and am more than willing to spend my time and efforts on. It still amazes me that at the end of every day, I get to spread love and happiness in my own little way.

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