Nancy Collins' Beauty of a Home

Last weekend, I went to Nancy Collins' home to shoot her for our coffee table book project. Stepping into her home, I immediately knew that this house was my "peg" for my future home. I was never really a fan of modern interiors. If I did like it, it would be because it's visually stimulating and not because I want to live there. I always preferred the more relaxed, bohemian house interiors with a lot of natural light. And this house was IT.

She's currently renting two houses that are beside each other. These two photos above showcase their main house which has a second floor and a backyard.

This part of her home however, is my favorite. It was built by a national architect which explains the crazy, beautiful and well-thought design of the house. Perfectly built for the Filipino, it seems to be a bungalow with a tiny second-floor - which I find common in most bungalows including our house.

I love how so much light comes in the house and requires very little electricity.  It's extremely spacious and conducive to thinking and having a relaxed state of mind. The wooden panels in the second photo lead to her studio.
And voila! This is her lovely studio. i don't think you'll run out of creative juices here. She says that sometimes she just opens the windows at night when its breezy and butterflies come in. Ughhh. Why'd she have to say that! Makes me want this place even more!

I forgot to mention that Nancy is a correspondent for National Geographic! The stories she told me about her travels were amazing. It shows in her home decor that she's been all over the world including the Amazon.

If she decides to have this second house rented, I'll be the first in line! You won't believe how affordable this place is.

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