Links to Love 02

I know, I know the weather here in Manila has been all sorts of crazy. I seriously wish I had more than a pair of paisley printed rain boots! I can't complain though, I enjoy the rain.

To pass the time (because I know you're just in your room all cozied up), I've got a couple links you might want to visit!
  • How awesome is this photo? View the series by RJ Shaughnessy on his website.
  • If you're looking for some funky hangers for your closet, this won't disappoint.
  • Nylon asked some creatives to do their own covers for the magazine. This threaded cover is just so amazingly done.
  • First Came Love is a blog I'm currently fancying.
  • An illustrator named Leanne Shapton did a series on a Month of Thursday Nights Out for the NY Times.
  • Here's a music video done by 100 art students that will blow your creative mind away.

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